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The Precinct 2 Environmental Crimes Unit (ECU) works closely with several different partners including area Constable Offices, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Houston-Galveston Area Council with one goal to combat the illegal dumping of trash, tires, liquids and other solid waste and other environment crimes in Harris County.


If you are aware of an illegal dumping incident, an illegal dumping site, or any other environmental crime, please report that to the Environmental Crimes Unit by completing the below form. If you need to contact the ECU, contact the Precinct 2 Criminal Investigations Division at 713-444-1909 or email George Scoggins, Environmental Deputy, at

ECU Contact

George Scoggins, Environmental Deputy

Phone: 713-444-1909


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If you saw someone, or know the person who illegally dumped the materials, please provide the following information.