District Patrol officers canvas the entire area of Precinct 2, responding to calls for assistance, conducting self-initiated enforcement measures and remain active in areas of reported criminal activity.

District Patrol deputies are the first responders in the unincorporated areas of Precinct 2 and often interact with representative officers from the municipalities that are enveloped by Precinct 2.

Just as often, our District Patrol deputies interact with State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to effect high priority arrests within the Precinct 2 jurisdiction.

In response to law enforcement initiatives, the District Patrol deputies often engage in “hot-spot” enforcement.  Whether the task involves Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) complaints, burglary complaints, fugitive initiatives, complaints of speeding or reckless driving, juvenile complaints or other activities of a similar nature, the District Patrol deputies operate as a cohesive unit to address the criminal events. These “hot spots” are usually an indicator of an emerging criminal pattern that threatens public safety.