Through the Precinct 2 Contract Deputy Program, we have formed a relationship with the Galena Park Independent School District.

In this capacity, we have provided dedicated and skilled, State-Certified deputies who work in unison with deputies from Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 3 to bring a visible and effective law enforcement presence to the campuses of the District.

Like their neighborhood counterparts, these School Resource Deputies operate in a manner meant to bring a visual deterrent to crime that seeks to take place in the area they patrol.  Adept at responding to Active Shooter situations and juvenile law enforcement incidents, these deputies work closely with the Superintendent of the school district and her team to maintain a safe learning environment for the students.

In addition to deputies who work in the schools, the district also utilizes deputy constables to enforce the truancy laws and to increase attendance throughout the district.

Operating under a high-profile and constant state of vigilance, our deputies strive to keep the classroom safe for our kids.

Please visit the Contract Deputy Program Page for more information regarding the program.