This office operates under the Serve and Protect design.  Under the auspices of this vision, specialty teams and units are employed to facilitate specialized attention when the public calls or our studies indicate their deployment becomes necessary.

To this end, we have the following Specialty Teams and Units geared for assignment. They are comprised of Precinct 2 deputies from all divisions of this Office.

The Precinct 2 Motor Unit (or Motorcycle Unit) is often referred to as the Solo Unit.  This is a respectful nod to the Solo seat, or solitary rider seat, most commonly found on a police motorcycle.

The deputies of our Solo Unit are highly skilled peace officers who have passed a stringent qualification course required by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. They are assigned to the Patrol Division.

Acting in their capacity as Solo units, they are tasked with encouraging voluntary compliance with the assorted traffic laws defined in the Texas Transportation Code. For these deputies, compliance is an essential element of the public safety formula.  Their motorcycles provide a quick response to scenes and allow them to negotiate more effectively through heavy traffic.

In addition to their enforcement duties, these deputies are often dispatched to investigate traffic crashes/accidents, provide high profile and funeral escorts and attend public interaction events.

Often, there are special opportunities for our deputies to become involved with Task Force operations.  Within the design of a task force, deputies operate in a manner that serves to address a single objective or goal. During this initiative, often they work in unison with officers or deputies from other police agencies.

Currently, our office has a deputy assigned to the Harris County Emissions Task Force.  He is assigned to the Patrol Division.

Working hand-in-hand with representative deputies from Harris county Constable’s Office Precinct 4 and Harris county Constable’s Office Precinct 5, our deputy helps enforce laws pertaining to fraudulent, fictitious or improperly issued automotive state inspection certifications.

Formed by Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman, this task force exists for the purpose of enforcing state laws, codes, rules and regulations pertaining to improper vehicle emissions and the sale or distribution of counterfeit vehicle inspection certificates. Vehicles that circumvent the emission laws contribute to health threatening pollution and many of the vehicles are accidents waiting to happen due to faulty brakes, bald tires or some other safety hazards. The State Vehicle Inspection Program is designed to keep vehicles safe for operation as well as reduce air pollution.

This program, which is supplanted by grant funding, consists of a two part effort. Task Force investigators work behind the scenes to reduce the number of fraudulent, fictitious or improperly issued automotive state emission inspection certificates while the deputies in the field conduct on-road emission enforcement, targeting excessively smoking vehicles along with those displaying expired or invalid inspection certificates.

For more information regarding Emissions and State Regulation, please visit the Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality Website.

Click Here If you wish to report a vehicle, business or person that may be violating the laws pertaining to vehicle emissions. Your information will remain anonymous.

Precinct 2 has acquired a lieutenant assigned to the Incident Management branch of the Harris County Toll Road Authority.  In this capacity, he represents Precinct 2, but is part of a Law Enforcement Incident Management Team that responds anywhere on the Harris County Toll Road system.

Tasked with monitoring and responding to high priority incidents that affect the safety and mobility of the Toll Road, our lieutenant works hard to represent this precinct.

Constable Jerry Garcia is proud to continue Constable Gary Freeman’s Project Kid Safe child identification program. This program is designed to photograph and fingerprint children so parents will have this information on a single document. This document contains important information on what to do should a child become a victim of an abduction or becomes missing.

Since its conception, Precinct 2 has completed several thousand fingerprints and photographs of children. This program is offered to all schools, churches, community functions and child care providers in Precinct 2 at no cost to them.

Support Services Deputies and Detectives from our Domestic Violence and Victims Assistance Unit fingerprint and photograph the children. These deputies and detectives have been trained in the areas of domestic violence and child abuse. We are able to provide additional information needed to help in keeping children safe in our community.

Domestic Violence is a cycle of violence that must be stopped,” says Constable Jerry Garcia.

The Domestic Violence Unit is here to assist the patrol deputies. Patrol deputies are the “First Responders” to domestic violence scenes. The unit provides, but is not limited to the following services:

  • Coming to the scene to assist the deputy, if necessary
  • Photographing the scene, if necessary
  • Photographing the victim of domestic violence, if necessary
  • In some cases the District Attorney’s Office requires further investigation into the case, and the Domestic Violence Unit follows this up
  • Assisting in the expeditious filing of charges against the suspect
  • The Domestic Violence and Crime Victims Assistance Unit can be reached by contacting 713-477-2766 and asking for Sgt. Leija.


The Harris County Precinct 2 Victims Assistance Unit is committed to restoring the respect and dignity of the crime victims through crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, education, information and referral. As a victim of a crime, you may be experiencing psychological and emotional trauma.

Below is a list of services that may be available for victims of crime:

  • Crisis intervention and advocacy throughout the criminal investigation and judicial process
  • Information regarding case status
  • Referrals for counseling, legal aid, financial assistance, emergency housing, food and clothing
  • Assistance in filing Crime Victims’ compensation claims
  • Community education and awareness
  • Assistance in filing charges and obtaining Emergency Protective Orders
  • Helping citizens who request assistance of a non-criminal nature

Types of crimes, victims can get assistance:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • DWI Accidents with injury
  • Hit and Run accidents with injury
  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Assault
  • Suicide
  • Other Offenses (if merited)

The Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund assists victims of crime. Money in the fund comes from court costs paid by criminals.

Constable Jerry Garcia will do everything possible to assist victims of crime in Precinct 2.

For additional information, contact 713-477-2766.

Dear Merchant,

The Precinct Two Constable’s Office is charged with the responsibility of helping you, the merchant, recover lost funds due to bad checks. This information page provides you with information regarding how best to prepare for and address bad checks.

It is my goal to help reduce your loss due to bad checks. In addition, if I or any of my deputies can assist you in making your business a safer place; please do not hesitate to contact my office at

713-477-2766 or 713-477-4070.



Jerry Garcia

Constable, Pct. 2


Precinct Two Hot Check Program

Every time a merchant accepts a check in good faith, he / she expects to realize a profit and in return extends the customer a convenience. When that check is returned for reasons of, “insufficient funds” or “account closed”, the merchant not only suffers the loss of the expected profit, but he / she also loses the cost of the service or the item provided and also incurs an extra cost in accounting and collection fees. These costs are ultimately passed on to the consumer.

Comprised of members of the Precinct 2 Criminal Warrants Division, the Child Support Enforcement Unit is tasked with identifying and locating subjects wanted on Contempt of Court capiases issued out of local, state and out-of-state family courts.  Initially dubbed “The Deadbeat Parent” Unit, this unit has been redesigned with the vision either parent can neglect the wellbeing of their child during the length of a custodial case.

Once they locate the Child Support Evader, the Unit places the subject under arrest and transports that evader to the issuing court or the Harris County Jail.

If you believe you are due child support, contact the Texas Attorney General’s Office or the court of issuance.  They will assist you in forging the orders necessary to enforcement payment of that child support if found it is due.

If you know of the whereabouts of a child support evader or want to check on the status of your case once it arrives at our office, call 713-477-4070 and ask for the Child Support Unit.

If you have questions relating to our Warrants Division, please use our Feedback Form to contact us.


Remember, Constable Jerry Garcia maintains the program in order to better serve the citizens of Precinct 2 and to promote the welfare of children by ensuring that court-ordered child support payments are made.

Many single parents struggle to provide food, clothing, and education without financial support from their child’s other parent.  These “evader parents” who do not pay their child support should be contributing to their children’s welfare.

Constable Jerry Garcia, on a daily basis, sends his deputies into the field to track down and jail these evader parents, not just for the sake of arresting these individuals, but to encourage these parents to provide for their children.

Constable Jerry Garcia works closely with the Texas Attorney General’s Office to assist in tracking down these individuals and bringing them to justice.

Constable Jerry Garcia commissioned the Precinct 2 Police bike patrol to operate as a volunteer program for full-time and Support Services deputies.

The Precinct 2 Police bike patrol is a welcome sight on and around the Galena Park school campuses, and isolated areas of the Precinct, providing community contact, and general and special patrol services.

Besides having a “bike’s-eye view” of road, pathway, and bike-lane conditions, Precinct 2 bike patrol deputies are trained in bike-handling skills, roadway usage and etiquette, and related techniques and tactics.

They also can enter many areas inaccessible to cars, respond quickly even in the tightest traffic jams, and provide a safe and unobtrusive presence in crowds.

Constable Jerry Garcia’s Bike Unit deputies are physically accessible to members of the community and usually can stop and talk without holding up traffic.

Law enforcement is a regular part of any deputy’s duties, and the Precinct 2 bike patrol is no exception.

Deputies on bikes, as well as those on foot and in patrol cars, uniformly enforce the Galena Park School District Code of Conduct, Texas State vehicle and traffic laws and Texas State penal code.

Precinct 2 bike deputies also perform special patrol functions, such as escorting parades or providing security for visiting dignitaries.

The officers also act as positive role models for the children — as well as other cyclists — by wearing helmets and obeying traffic laws, habits that make cycling safer for everyone.

The Honor Guard is a volunteer unit which represents our office at special functions and funerals. They wear dress uniforms, hats and braid to distinguish themselves during their duties. Commanding respect wherever they appear, the Honor Guard is the pride of the office and constantly represents law enforcement professionalism and bolsters esprit-de-corps during time of loss.