The Support Services Division is assigned to the Operations Command. The deputies of this division are all volunteers and are tasked with supporting both the law enforcement objectives and public service objectives of this office.

For many years, the Precinct 2 Constable’s Office has benefited from assistance from a dedicated Support Services Division. Harris County has benefited as well. Dedicated to serving their community, the deputies of the Support Services Division volunteer their time and save the County hundreds of thousands of manpower hours and dollars per year.

These volunteers are trained to the same standards as full-time deputies and offer their time on a non-paid basis.

Support Service Deputies are assigned to each of the major divisions; such as Patrol, Warrants, Civil, and Communications.

Each Support Service Deputy typically serves at least 24 hours per month.

Support Service Deputies are often first to be considered full-time employment when positions present themselves.

As fully-certified peace officers in the State of Texas, Support Service Deputies have the same authority and responsibility as full-time law enforcement officers in the state.

Support Service Deputies come from a variety of backgrounds including banking, teaching, construction, medical, firefighting, aviation and many others.

Being a Precinct 2 Support Services Deputy requires a commitment of dedication and time, but offers hands-on experience and law enforcement training that are second to none.

The deputies of the Support Services Division are a select group of outstanding citizens.

If you would like to become a member of the team, please see our requirements Click Here or call the Operations Division.